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10 Self-care tips to get you out of the dreaded mom funk

Self-care tips for moms

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Can I let you in on a little secret? I totally suck at using my own self-care tips (sometimes). 

Many won’t admit it, but some of us moms are really terrible at adhering to our self-care routine.

Whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, or otherwise, we don’t get those special moments that are meant for just, us.

Let’s be honest here.

We have a load of chores, responsibilities, and never-ending stuff that we gotta take care of.

When we overdo it though, it can inevitably lead to burnout or worse – mom funk.

And sometimes just the thought of taking some time for ourselves leaves us with a plague of mom guilt.

Just finding time to relax and unwind from a hectic day of blogging or working from home can be easier said than done.

 I created this list of self-care tips because I wanted to help other working moms to use simple ways to treat themselves that don’t require a bunch of hard-to-do tricks

Here are 10 helpful self-care tips to bring you out of that mom funk and into a bit of ‘mommy me’ time you will totally love!

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10 self-care tips to get you out of mom funk

1. Wake before those little rascals

This is something I do EVERY morning because it gives me ample time to get a few things out of the way and gets me set for the rest of the day.

It also allows me to do some things like reading, writing for this blog, and enjoying some alone time that I don’t get that often

Remember that self-care is something that makes YOU happy. So it can be anything that you enjoy.

If you find that waking up a bit earlier before the chaos starts helps your mind a little bit better, then do it!

Buuuut if you feel that you need to take a LONGER sleep, then that’s fine too. That’s YOUR self-care moment, and you should do what helps you

My son has long passed the toddler stage, so if he does get up before me, I can get him to do a few fun activities while I start my morning routine.

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But I know that if you have a baby or toddler it might be a bit harder.

In that case, you could try to have your self-care moments during their daily nap time.

2. Take ‘mommy’ breaks throughout the day

I’ve tried this and it works best when I lay down the rules (in a nice way) to let my son know that mommy will be busy and that once I’m finished, we can have playtime together.

This usually gives him the motivation he needs to do some activities or engage in independent play, so I can have my ‘mommy time’.

As I said before, self-care is specific to each mom and it’s always best to do something that YOU enjoy. 

Your mommy break though can last for whatever amount of time you choose. It could be a few 5-minute breaks throughout the day, a one-hour break, or whatever suits you.

You’ll just want to make sure you’re getting ample time to have your self-care moment with you feeling refreshed and renewed!

3. Get in a work- out

This can be a real challenge for moms who want to do a workout for self-care on the regular, but you can get creative.

Get in an early morning workout while the kids are sleeping.

This way you can spend quality time busting all your moves!

 If the kids are awake though, you can still do your workout while they’re busy playing, doing homework, or doing some chores.

It might not be the longest workout, but improvising is what moms do best!

Another option is heading to the gym while the other half stays with the kids. I mean, why not right?

4. Get enough sleep

This is one of those self-care tips I know moms don’t get enough of. There are just simply too many things to do day in and day out. 

Moms just don’t get enough sleep.

I know.

I’m one of them.

But getting enough rest is necessary to keep that mommy engine going and managing your home and work life.

You should try to get about 8 hours of sleep each night to refresh your mind and body. 

Even though it’s easier said than done, ask for help when attempting this essential self-care activity.

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Three ways to do this are:

  • Have the kids stay with their grandparents for the night
  • Go to bed early some nights while daddy gets them tucked in
  • Take short naps in the days

Here are helpful benefits of getting enough sleep even for moms who think they just can’t do it.

5. Have a self-care day

This is the ultimate self-care idea for moms who want a full day off from the job.

This is where once again your family or friends come in handy.

They can keep the kids for a few hours while you get away.

Using a trusted babysitting service if no one is available can also work. 

Your self-care day should bring you joy in enjoying the things you almost NEVER get to do.

You can light some candles and spend your day relaxing in bed or having your favorite snack without having to hide it from grubby little hands. 

Whatever it may be, just take that time to enjoy being you. 

6. Practice daily self-care activities

If mom funk is getting you down, you should try to get in enjoyable self-care activities as part of your daily routine.

This could be one or two things that you absolutely love, incorporated throughout your day. I say daily because you’ll want it to be ingrained in your schedule.

This way your kids will know the rules and that it’s a part of mom’s routine.

You don’t even have to do it alone. If it’s something fun to watch on Netflix, you and the entire family can enjoy it.

Who says moms get to have all the fun alone!

As long as you’re engaging in self-care and making yourself happy, you can rein in other fun-lovers too

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7. Read your favorite book

What’s better than getting cozy in your favorite spot and snuggling in to read a good book? Nothing! Except for when you hate reading. If that’s the case, skip to the next self-care tip now!

Give the kids some fun activities and enjoy a relaxing time reading or listening to an audiobook.

If you can’t get your reading done while the kids are awake, try reading just before bed.

8. Have an at-home spa day

Even though we LOVE this, we usually put it on the back burner because we have more life-changing things to attend to.

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Like giving CPR to the goldfish whose bowl was accidentally knocked over.

When you’re done being a mom-saver for the day, enjoy a spa day doing what you love most.

Do a mini-facial, attend to your stagnant skincare routine, or do a steam bath.

Just pamper yourself for the day and catch up on that mani-pedi that you’ve been missing out on.

9. Treat yourself to something you love

This is one of the self-care tips I try to practice myself – and often too!

Have you been craving something delicious lately that you want to enjoy alone? It’s time to up your self-care game with a decadent treat meant only for you.

This could be a nice dessert you’ve been longing to try for ages and you just haven’t found the time to enjoy it.

Give an extra boost to your day with a succulent treat.

10. Learn and enjoy a new (fun) hobby

Even busy moms should be able to invest in some personal development by trying a fun hobby.

I don’t mean going crazy with some time-consuming activity that stresses you more than it helps you.

I’m talking about something fun that will make your days just a bit more delightful. Have you always been eyeing embroidery for a while? How about doing some freelance photography? 

Your hobby should be something you enjoy and who knows, maybe you could turn it into a money-making hobby. 

Now that would be really fun!

Self-care tips to help moms

I created these tips because I know how hard the struggle is each and every day.

You hardly find time throughout the day for yourself and it seems like no one thanks you enough.

I really hope you know that taking time for YOU is not wrong and it’s a necessary part of self-care.

Taking care of yourself will mean you can take care of the whole family. 

Love yourself and treat yourself with a few of these self-care tips. Even if it’s only occasionally.

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