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How to feel fulfilled as a Stay-At-Home Mom: 9 tips that work

How to be a Happy Stay-At-Home Mom

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Are you wondering how to feel fulfilled as a stay at home mom?

You may also be wondering how to find purpose as a stay-at-home mom and live life more intentionally.

No one mom is the same and that’s the reason why I won’t give be giving you rules or facts on this.

I mean who am I to be telling you what to do anyway!????

As a mommy myself, I can tell you that it is not easy to know just how to get things done as a stay at home mom or get things running perfectly.

But I can give you a few tips and tricks that work well for me.

Here’s a little snippet of how our days may look sometimes:

You’re just finishing up a ton load of dishes left over from breakfast AND DINNER.

You’ve packed away all the kid’s toys and put your two-month-old to sleep after almost 2 hours of trying. 

You haven’t slept properly for about a month or two because of the new baby.

Your energy’s draining and your favorite treat that you’d usually be gorging on this time of the day while relaxing and watching a Netflix Docu-series was sneakily stolen by your husband the day before.

There’s a feeling of tiredness so severe, you decide to take a quick 5-minute snooze on the couch in the living room.

When you head over there though, you notice that your other two kids aren’t by the TV where you left them watching the History Channel rerun of Where did it come from.

You know you’re about to lose it but you grit your teeth, take a breather and call them softly because you don’t want to wake the baby.

That’s when you hear the faint sound of giggling coming from the nursery.

You hurry there in the hopes of hauling the laughing critters out, but when you get there it’s too late.

The baby is starting to fit and cry and as you glance at the two wide-eyed kids on the floor playing with the family cat, you know they get a sense of the impending doom.

Beside yourself, you scream “GET OUT NOW!”, in a roar that could scare grown men away.

And as they scramble away in the fright (along with the cat) you and your two-month-old are wailing in tandem, you from tiredness and guilt, and your baby from the unexpected outburst. 

It’s not your best parenting moment and now you’re racked with guilt. Is it really possible to enjoy your mommy moments ALL of the time?

The Truth about happiness

You could try every single happiness hack on the internet or even the ones in this post, but the hard truth is, as a mom you won’t be happy 100% of the time.

No one is. 

There will be days when you want to cry on end, snap at the kids, and throw a mommy-sized tantrum for hours. 

You’re not alone.

Every mom goes through little inconveniences almost every day that will annoy her to no end. It may even be a daily fight.

What’s important is that you don’t bottle up these feelings and you admit that you do have some frustrations. 

Want to know how to feel fulfilled as a stay-at-home mom, be more productive, and stay sane?

Let’s find out!

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How to feel fulfilled as a stay at home mom  

Remember that being a stay-at-home mom can really be tough.

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But there are days when you feel so grateful and you get so many joys from those little moments with your kids.

It’s all a part of the parenting journey and something we all have to adapt to.

Sometimes, what we imagined going into motherhood and what we actually get, are completely different pictures. 

This can be a major shock that can take some getting used to.

With that said, being a stay-at-home mom can be truly a blessing, while also being a struggle.

But there’s a remedy for that struggle.

Here are 9 tips for being a happier stay-at-home mom so you can thrive.

1. Know your limits

how to feel fulfilled as a stay at home mom

As a mom, having kids around, constant chores to do, working all day, and overall household duties can drive you over the edge.

It’s important to remember that you can’t be like the next mom and you should never compare yourself to one.

Between all the grueling mental and emotional trials you endure each day, you can expect that you will feel overwhelmed and absolutely hopeless at times.

That is why it’s very important to know your limits.

This will in essence be a part of your own personality or a choice you make that you just won’t go any further.

If you have a mountainous laundry pile awaiting you, but you’re at your wits end with endless chores -guess what?

You can save it for another day!

You should never go over your limit as this can impact how you interact with your family in the long run.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to listen to your body and your mind and just take it easy a bit. 

Your family and your sanity will thank you for it!

2. Make time for sleep

This is one remedy for being a happy stay-at-home mom that you really don’t wanna miss out on. 


Because we tend to get a bit cranky when we don’t get enough sleep. It’s simply part of human nature.

Not only will you be more irritable, but everything else that you have to do for everyone and yourself may suffer as a result. 

Even if you slack off now and again, it is essential that you don’t deprive yourself of adequate rest regularly. We all know the excuses:

  • I have so many chores
  • I have to work
  • The food isn’t ready yet
  • Gotta pick up the kids from karate class
  • And the list goes on…

But when you look at it, there really isn’t a good excuse for not getting enough sleep.

A good night’s rest can really rejuvenate you for the next day and even a small nap in the day can boost your energy.

It can also help you stay motivated in the long run.

There are a lot’s creative ways you can try for getting more sleep when drowsiness calls.

One funny hack you can try is having the kids draw and then paint an artistic project of you sleeping!

This might give you a good 20-minute nap!

3. Escape for date nights regularly

Date night

If you have to think about when your last date night was, it’s time to have one.

While you love your kids and all the mundane chores you have to do every day, you definitely should be spending some quality time with your significant other without thinking about your meal plan for the next week.

It can be tricky finding time for each other and especially where to leave your kids when you’re going on an outing.

If you have relatives or friends who are more than happy to keep them for a few hours then feel free to ask them.

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If you don’t have this convenience, then you can use a trusted babysitting service or have your mature, older kids care for the younger ones.

It can teach them a bit of responsibility and give them a taste of their own medicine.????

Once you’re ready for your adventure, you guys should do something you both enjoy.

It could be dinner at a tasty Mediterranean restaurant or a nighttime game of mini-golf.

Just make sure to have some well-deserved time of fun and relaxation for yourself to boost your mood for a long time to come.

4. Take time for yourself

Moms sometimes take a lot of flack for wanting to have a little alone time.

I’ve never understood this. Think about being a stay-at-home mom and ALWAYS having your kids by your side.

Sure they’re cute, fun, and bring us so much joy, but there comes a time when Mommy needs a little … space. 

This is not space from responsibility or motherhood, but time to reflect and to listen to your own thoughts for once.

Every mom should have a particular time within the day or week when they can just be alone. 

This is why it’s great to introduce independent play in kids.

They can have fun and enjoy their favorite toy alone or even read a funny book, while mom gets a well-deserved break on the couch.

During these times moms can do anything their hearts desire. It could be a new book that you can’t wait to read, a cooking show that you need to catch up on, or just some time for a looong nap.

Either way, happy stay-at-home moms are those that take their ‘mommy time’ without guilt.

5. Do something fun with the family

Have you been missing out on some fun bonding time with the family?

If you want to be a happier stay-at-home mom, you should be engaging in quality family time that is truly meaningful.

Not only will this boost your endorphins (your happy hormones) but this can draw you and the family much closer together.

One of my favorite ways to spend time with the family is to head off on a road trip.

We carry some snacks, handy binoculars, and head out to look at beautiful views, do a little bird watching and nature walks.

Just doing something simple like this, really lets off some steam for all of us especially if there was any tension rising.

Your fun family activity may be different though.

You could be sitting together eating popcorn and enjoying an exciting TV show or it could be a fun game of charades.

Whatever it is, just be sure it’s something you all can enjoy!

6. Find a new hobby

Now, I’m not telling you to go crazy with DIY or anything like that!

But if you love DIY, that certainly is a plus. Starting a new hobby can certainly help you relieve stress, concentrate on something fun, and make life so much more interesting.

If you love making crafts like I do, you can use Cricut which is great for making crafts that you can even sell!

A hobby can definitely make you a happier stay-at-home mom and help you thrive by encouraging creativity and boosting your self-confidence.

You could learn a new instrument, write books, create art prints or make dolls.

You can learn almost any hobby with courses on Udemy and with my link, you can get a 50% discount.

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One hobby I’m looking into getting into is drawing or painting. I’d like to try it as something new and fun.

Hopefully, I’ll really love it! 

If it doesn’t last, I can try something else. That’s the beauty of having hobbies.

You can keep trying different ones until you find the right fit. 

7. Create a routine and stick to it

I know moms hear a lot about routines and it might get a tad bit…boring. But hear me out.

Creating a routine is simply making a flexible schedule that you and your family can work with, which makes things run more smoothly on a daily basis. 

This routine doesn’t have to be set in stone, but you make it so that it benefits everyone in the house.

A routine can help you manage your chores, make more time for family, get your meal plans together and navigate your mom life much more effortlessly.

8. Spend time with friends when you can

Do you ever get tired of having conversations about Peppa Pig or where babies come from?

I get it, trust me. Sometimes it seems like the only adult conversations you have in your life are between you and your significant other.

It can get really lonely as a stay-at-home mom and sometimes your kid’s constant banter may not be enough to soothe your nerves.

Check up on your friends more often to chat and laugh. When you have a little bit of free time, you guys can meet up for a quick brunch and talk about everything that’s going on in your lives.

If your past friendships have gone sour, I don’t see anything wrong with finding new ones.

Having a group of trusty friends can be a great benefit for us as stay-at-home moms because we have someone who can help us feel supported.

It might not be the easiest task maintaining friendships, but it’s definitely worth a try. 

9. Ask for help

Ask for help

Don’t ever feel that you’re being weak when you ask someone for help with your kids. 

You’re on a shift that never ends – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you really need a break, just ask for it. 

It could be the grandparents or a trusted friend who you know will take good care of your kids.

Having a support system that you can talk to about your stressors, can’t hurt either. 

Remember no mom is perfect

One thing you should always keep in mind is that no mom is perfect – and that includes you!

I know. Shocker! ????

But all joking aside, it can really affect your emotional happiness when you know that you are doing your best and things still go haywire. But that’s just the way it is.

It’s also important to remember to never compare yourself or your parenting style with others.

Every mom is different, and with that, we behave and react differently to situations. 

Even social media has its fair share of ‘perfect mommy syndrome’ with the spotless home and well-behaved and ultra-groomed children. 

Sometimes though, these pictures aren’t all that they seem. SO while they might be nice to look at, we should never look at this as real life.

Because it certainly isn’t.

Messes, tantrums, fights, and craziness happens all day.

We just need to accept our families with all the chaos and embrace it all as a happy stay-at-home mom.

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