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200 blog post ideas for moms that your readers will love

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Have you found it pretty daunting to come up with new blog post ideas?

Well, I know I have.

These awesome blog post ideas for moms can help to bring you a more targeted audience.

It can be quite hard to create original ideas and find new topics when you start posting on the regular.

The longer you’ve been blogging, the harder it becomes to write new content that your readers will love.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting to blog (most days) , share new ideas, and get readers hyped up on your content.

But sometimes there’s a little something called writers’ block. We all get it, we all hate it.

But it does happen.

That’s where these awesome blog post ideas come in handy.

I’ve created this list of 200 blog post ideas and categorized them under 10 different niches.

That’s right, 10!

I’ve made sure to include some of the most profitable niches that are guaranteed to drive traffic to your blog.

That’s because a lot of readers are hooked on these niches right now.

As your blog grows and you gain more subscribers, this list will be super helpful for getting useful content to your readers.

These are just starting points to get your creative juices flowing and you can take them and put your own spin on them.

At the end of the day, you have to add your very own flavor to your blog, and that includes your blog posts too.

If you haven’t started a blog as yet, check out this step-by-step guide on starting a money-making blog.

If you’re ready to take the plunge though, you can sign up with Bluehost right now!

I’ve got you covered. Here’s a MASSIVE list of 200 blog post ideas for moms that readers will love!

Have fun!

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Blog post ideas for moms

Parenting Niche

Who doesn’t love a good old parenting blog?

I sure do.

They give you lots of helpful tips on motherhood, parenting through those crazy teens years, and creative kids activities you’d never have thought of.

One of my favorite parenting blogs right now is Happy you, Happy family.

Kelly gives such great advice on everything from how to make your kids feel special, to love and marriage helps.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Parenting Niche

  1. 5 proven ways to boost confidence in kids
  2. Fun activities to keep toddlers busy
  3. Encouragement for parents
  4. What to do with a 3-year old all day
  5. The Ultimate Guide to parenting Littles
  6. How to teach reading at an early age
  7. When and how to discipline: A parent’s dilemma
  8. How to gain cooperation with your child
  9. 3 simple steps to helping kids through big emotions
  10. Ways to make family time fun
  11. Is it hard for your baby to fall asleep? Try this
  12. 10 surprising benefits of quiet time for kids
  13. Nature walks and how they can soothe children
  14. Educational games that are really fun
  15. Books that help kids with thinking skills
  16. Healthy snack ideas that kids will love
  17. Teach your kids to manage screen time, yes it’s possible
  18. Spark your child’s creativity with these simple tools
  19. Why your kids fight each other and how to fix it
  20. How to promote genuine kindness in your kids

Travel Niche

Breathtaking destinations, food, fun, and extended getaways are just a few of the exciting things you’ll see in the Travel Niche.

I must admit, I am a little jealous, but I can at least hope that one day I can drift off to the Meditteranean to take in the sights.

But all joking aside, travel bloggers have to do a lot of planning for their trips and cater to expenses while they travel the world for blogging. So, (sigh) it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

But, the Travel Niche does have a few sub-niches as well.

Sub-niches are basically a more specific topic within a niche. Here’s a look at a few sub-niches you might come across:

  • Travel on a budget
  • Backpacking
  • Food Travel
  • City Guide
  • Destination travel

These are just small mentions of the many categories of travel blogs that are out there.

Alex in Wanderland is a travel blog that features destination travel, and showcases travel all over the world.

I think the blog name is really cute especially with the play on words.

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Blog post ideas for moms in the Travel Niche

If you feel inspired by Alex’s blog, here are a few blog post ideas for a travel blog:

  1. The best time to see the Northern lights
  2. A locals guide to Houston, Texas
  3. 6 best rustic Airbnb rentals in Cleveland, Ohio
  4. The Ultimate Itinerary Planner for solo travel
  5. Top 10 destinations in Europe for backpackers
  6. The safest way to travel with kids
  7. Romantic date ideas to do in Paris
  8. 12 budget-friendly hotels in Las Vegas
  9. Grab your grub on the go: A Delectable Guide
  10. 5 ways to travel light with a large family
  11. Best spots for sightseeing at Niagra Falls
  12. Your guide to cozy dining in Mumbai, India
  13. Most exhilarating rides at Disney World
  14. A 3-day tour of Venice (perfect for couples)
  15. Top 20 attractions in Barcelona
  16. A Complete Guide for visiting Jamaica
  17. 10 tips for your trip to Indonesia
  18. Most authentic pizza houses in Italy
  19. Take a dive in Blue Hole, Belize
  20. Top 10 scenic views in Ireland

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– Saint Augustine

Food Niche

The ever-popular food niche is something you might want to have a taste of.

See how I just did that?????

There is a heavy emphasis on superb photography which takes in lighting, photography tools, plating elements, among other things.

This entails the more technical side of blogging in the food niche.

The most fun part is narrowing down your niche, and finding something that you can make your own.

One of my favorite sub-niches is vegan food because you find so many creative dishes that look oh so good.

Vegan Richa is a vegan food blog that uses plants and transforms them into delicious meals.

Check them out here.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Food Niche

Check out a few of these blog post ideas if you’re interested in the food niche:

  1. Paleo recipes for beginners
  2. Bake a perfect peach pie from scratch
  3. 20 delicious freezer meals you’ll absolutely love
  4. A hearty turkey meal for fall
  5. Vegan tacos with a twist
  6. Top 5 healthy desserts to make this season
  7. Homemade chili cheese dogs for your next BBQ
  8. 10 ways to enjoy blue cheese
  9. Christmas desserts you will savor
  10. Cake recipes that you can make in a jiffy
  11. Salad recipes kids will love
  12. Vegan burger recipes
  13. Quick and easy meals for busy moms
  14. Vegan Shepherd’s pie
  15. Nut-free vegetarian pasta
  16. The softest chocolate cookies you’ll ever have
  17. Add zest to your meals with this simple hack
  18. Blueberry pops for hot summer days
  19. Slamming peach cobbler your kids will rave about
  20. Your complete guide to a perfect corn coconut soup

Fitness Niche

Another great niche to try is the fitness niche.

Apart from being high in demand, it’s also quite a profitable niche as well.

The one downside to this is that you may have much more competition. My advice with this is that you try to narrow down your niche as best as possible.

People are always looking for fitness tips, so you’re not out of luck.

If you’re a mom who’s into fitness, you could start a fitness blog about fun and easy fitness routines for hip moms.

This is an easy way to target an audience while still providing valuable content.

Sia from Diary of a Fit Mommy gives not only fitness tips, but also blogs about meal planning, postpartum, pregnancy, and travel.

Be sure to check out her blog.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Fitness Niche

  1. 5 reasons why you’re not losing belly fat
  2. Weekly workout schedule for working moms
  3. Bridal Bootcamp the easy way
  4. A simple meal plan guide
  5. Squats that get you results
  6. My favorite roller skating exercise routine
  7. Gym, tan, running for sweats
  8. How to tone muscle less painfully
  9. 8 ways to get rid of belly bloat fast
  10. Hacks for eating deliciously healthy meals
  11. A cardio workout your heart will love you for
  12. 3 simple relaxation techniques
  13. 7 exercises for a flatter tummy
  14. Beach workout: summer edition
  15. Crush your gym workout with this hack
  16. The Ultimate Guide for losing love handles
  17. Why you should be doing reverse lunges
  18. How to avoid overeating this holiday
  19. Are jumping jacks still a thing?
  20. The 5 Best Ab exercises you need to know

Homeschooling Niche

As a homeschooling mom myself, I must say that I check out homeschooling blogs a lot.

I love finding homeschool deals, reviews about curriculum and creative ideas for teaching my son.

There are a variety of homeschooling blogs out there, all with different perspectives.

If you’re in the homeschooling circle, you may have heard of Erica from Confessions of a homeschooler.

I absolutely love her blog and she sends lots of freebies to her subscribers (and yes I’m a subscriber).

Check out her blog if you’re interested in learning tools for your kids.

You don’t have to be a homeschooling mom or parent to use her resources.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Homeschooling Niche

  1. How to homeschool as a working mom
  2. Best homeschooling curriculums for reading
  3. Smart scheduling plan for your homeschooling day
  4. Nature activities kids can do on their own
  5. Bedtime books to read at the end of a rough homeschool day
  6. Creative Lego sets for gifted kids
  7. Math made easy
  8. The best hack for teaching kids about money
  9. How to manage your day while homeschooling
  10. 10 best educational toys for toddlers
  11. Printable lessons for high schoolers
  12. 5 reasons not to homeschool
  13. How to make your own unit study
  14. Homeschool room renovation
  15. How to handle stress while homeschooling
  16. Homeschool freebies you’ll love
  17. Ladybug Math maze game for kids
  18. What to do when your child hates homeschooling
  19. Best museums for learning History
  20. How to homeschool different ages
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Beauty Niche

Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom shares tips on beauty products and concentrates heavily on skincare.

She also features lifestyle topics such as décor, fashion, fitness, and health.

Be sure to check out her blog to get some inspiration.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Beauty Niche

  1. Want glowing skin? Try this one hack
  2. 5 ways to get smoother skin
  3. The best lipstick colors to wear this summer
  4. Mascara palettes that you can’t resist
  5. How drinking more water can help your skin
  6. My Sephora haul
  7. Trying to combat dry skin? We’ve got your answer
  8. Beauty gifts under $10
  9. Look ten years younger with this one beauty routine
  10. Five beauty gifts for mom’s birthday
  11. Why you need this new coconut face mask
  12. Everything I use on my face, all-day wear
  13. My nighttime routine
  14. Is Bio-Oil worth the money?
  15. Quick yet gorgeous makeup styles
  16. The best sunscreen for babies (they’re safe too)
  17. How to do bold lips in fall
  18. The one product I always carry in my makeup bag
  19. My favorite eyeshadow palettes for summer
  20. 10 beauty essentials you need this spring

Finance/Money Niche

This is definitely one of the more lucrative niches that you can try out.

One main problem? It’s very competitive. But don’t let that get you down.

I think with a targeted audience who you connect with along with awesome content, you can get a headstart.

McKenzie from Moms Make Cents does it just right. She caters to helping moms make money online.

She also has some unique ideas that can help you make some quick bucks.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Money/Finance Niche

  1. Budgeting for beginners
  2. 5 night jobs for stay at home moms
  3. Flexible jobs you can try now
  4. How to set up an Etsy shop and start earning money
  5. Passive income ideas for college students
  6. Earn cash while you sleep
  7. 10 apps that pay you to complete tasks
  8. How to teach your kids to save money
  9. The perfect side hustles for single moms
  10. The best survey sites for easy cash
  11. Money management tips for large families
  12. How to pay off debt fast
  13. 30+ legitimate ways to make money online
  14. Investment books for moms
  15. Get paid to watch videos online
  16. Budgeting without stress: Mommy edition
  17. Best website for budding freelancers
  18. Make $100 daily from proofreading
  19. 10 Mystery Shopping jobs that pay well
  20. Make money as a dog-sitter

Homesteading Niche

If you love a fully self-sufficient lifestyle, the Homesteading Niche may be for you.

I love watching Homesteaders on YouTube raising animals, homeschooling, and just living a very free life.

Take Tiffany from Imperfectly Happy Homesteading. She offers lots of delicious-looking recipes, as well as tips on animal husbandry and gardening.

A lot of it does look fun, but it can be hard work.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Homesteading Niche

  1. The right time to grow shade veggies
  2. A pumpkin spice pie your family will gobble up
  3. 10 signs you have a mature garden
  4. How to successfully grow radishes
  5. Why you should soak beans before planting
  6. How to make homemade raspberry jam
  7. DIY garden beds that won’t break the bank
  8. Fun gardening activities for kids
  9. The homesteaders guide to herbs
  10. Planting and preserving garlic: A Foolproof Guide
  11. Top 10 pressure cookers for home cooks
  12. Easiest animals to raise on a homestead
  13. 8 benefits of essential oils
  14. Landscaping ideas for beginners
  15. Is Companion Planting still in?
  16. Why I use organic fertilizers for gardening
  17. How to start an indoor garden
  18. Storing seeds safely for winter
  19. Delicious tomato sauce recipe
  20. How to grow an Apple tree
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Lifestyle Niche

So lifestyle blogs have become a bit of a trending topic these days with some of the lifestyle bloggers themselves becoming instant celebrities.

Some of them have massive followings with fans who are looking to see every tidbit of their daily lives.

Lifestyle blogs cover a range of topics with an emphasis on one or two topics such as fashion, food, and even parenting and babies.

I must confess that I love reading a few lifestyle blogs when I’m not rangling my son.

One of my favorites is Camille Styles’ lifestyle blog which features everything from decor to recipes and even entertaining.

Her website layout is also very inviting and her content makes you want to come back for more.

Here are a few lifestyle blog ideas to get your creative spark going.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Lifestyle Niche

  1. Family outing to Disney world: our experience
  2. Five awesome ways to have fun at the beach with kids
  3. Summer outfits under $20
  4. Why I joined a CrossFit class and is it helping?
  5. Vegan Cajun Beyond Meat recipe: your family will love it
  6. 10 fun backyard activities for kids to enjoy
  7. Forever 21 Haul: kids edition
  8. 5 reasons why I love Netflix
  9. This pizza recipe is everything: try it now
  10. Great date night ideas when staying in
  11. 15 classic bedtime stories we love to read
  12. How to entertain guests on short notice
  13. The best places for your next road trip
  14. 6 ways to eat rigatoni and not feel guilty
  15. The ultimate winter playlist to kick the blues
  16. The perfect makeup face for summer
  17. Cool down with these 9 healthy juices
  18. How to plan the perfect summer vacation
  19. Get your house to sparkle in minutes
  20. A simple hack for budgeting family expenses right

Craft Niche

Bloggers with an eye (and hands) for creativity leads us to our final niche – Crafts.

One example of a super-popular craft blog is A Beautiful Mess.

It was started by two sisters and has evolved into a full brand.

Take a look at their creative genius here.

Blog post ideas for moms in the Craft Niche

  1. Create colorful decoupage cups
  2. Animal paper crafts for kids
  3. How to make Paper-Mache crafts
  4. Fun ways to craft newspapers
  5. How to make origami birds
  6. Cute knit designs for dolls
  7. Paper flower tissue flowers
  8. A Guide to sewing kits
  9. Natural DIY bird feeder
  10. Best places to find an online crafts class
  11. Natural dyes for your next DIY project
  12. Pastel-colored flower pot designs
  13. Create a cozy knitted blanket from scratch
  14. 10 Cartoon inspired Stitch patterns
  15. Cute kite crafts for kids
  16. Your complete Guide to origami crafts
  17. How to crochet for the (clumsy) beginner
  18. Girly stickers crafts
  19. Baby shoe crotchet craft for moms
  20. 20 simple DIY gift ideas

Keep your readers happy

Yay! We’re at the end! These are some of the best blog post ideas for moms that should keep you busy for some time.

While you do have great ideas, you will still have to write for your readers.

By this, I mean writing content that will benefit them.

Always give them a reason to keep reading and remember to keep your personality alive when you’re writing.

It’s also a great idea to think about pushing traffic to your website.

What would be the best channel to market your content on? Is your target audience going to be using this channel often?

These are just a few points to think about while narrowing down your niche or getting your content out there.

I hope that this post was super helpful for you.

Drop me some comments on your chosen blog niche or if you’re just thinking of one. I’d love to hear them!

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