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10 practical reasons to start a blog now

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Why do you wanna blog? 

That’s not a rhetorical question. There are lots of reasons why people start a blog in the first place, and the most obvious reason is to make money!

If that’s why you’re here, you’re in luck. That’s one of the main reasons you should start your blog.

Buuuut, I’m here to share with you a few other (not often heard of) reasons why blogging is one of the best decisions you could make as a mom.

I like to look at these as incentives of sorts because all you ever hear about blogging is earning cash, making quick money, or making money while you sleep.

While these are great and all, ( and are also reasons why I love it) I wanted to give new or aspiring bloggers other practical reasons why they should do this.

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Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the top reasons why you should start a blog now!

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1. To start a business

If you didn’t think about it this way, I totally understand. I absolutely believe this could be one of the BEST reasons to start a blog!

When you think of a business you think about buying, selling, customers, and sometimes an actual store.

But I’m here to tell you that your blog is your business.

Your customers are your readers, and they have the chance to buy from you once you create something that’s helpful for them.

I want you to think about something that you have to offer. Is it parenting advice?

Do you have unique interpersonal skills where you can mentor others? 

These are potential avenues you can hone and intertwine within your business.

There are other moms or parents who are looking for ways to discipline their kids, get practical educational resources, or manage their time at home. 

You can use your skills and expertise to help these parents and when you do this effectively, there’s no reason why readers wouldn’t come back to your blog for more.

Remember, you’re here to help people and that comes first, but a blog does require upkeep.

In order to manage this and keep pumping out stellar content, you will have to find a way to create an income.

How to create an income

One way to do this is by turning your skills into a consistent revenue stream.

You could do this by offering coaching services or one-on-one sessions where you can give your interested readers quality help that can’t be achieved through your articles alone.

Another popular way is through affiliate marketing. This is where you promote the products and services of companies that are relevant to your audience.

Depending on your niche, you can connect to a variety of affiliate marketing programs and once you’re accepted, you can weave your affiliate links into your posts.

One important tidbit to remember is that you should only promote products that you believe in, use, or those that your audience will benefit from.

 2. Having a creative outlet or hobby

If you have a passion that you would like to share with the world, starting a blog is a good way to do this.

You may have a love for art, music, making money creatively, cooking unique recipes, or traveling the world.

You could turn your passion for art for example into content that can inspire someone else.

In this sense, you’re not only helping yourself, but your readers can get some form of enjoyment or help from the content on your blog.

Sometimes the more you share your passions, the more it grows and you may find that there is more to it than you had previously discovered.

For example, you may absolutely love doing skincare and finding natural ways to rejuvenate your skin instead of using over-the-counter skincare products.

In your experiments with various natural products, you may discover something new! 

This is something that you can then share with your audience and they’ll be even more loyal when they see how dedicated you are about your passions.

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Even though you need to be careful about choosing passion over profitability, once your ideal topic can make money, I’d say go for it!

3. Helping people

I believe this is one of the greatest benefits of starting a blog.

When you’re giving solutions to people’s problems and they thank you for your awesome work, it can be one of the most rewarding feelings ever.

If you love sharing your thoughts on topics that you’re knowledgeable on and you know it can help someone, why not use your blog as a way to do this?

You can help single moms who are struggling financially, new moms who are finding pregnancy tedious and overwhelming, and people who are looking for personal development tips to make a change in their lives.

Whatever the issue, you can be the source of helping them solve their problems and just being a form of encouragement in their day-to-day living.

It might sound a bit far-fetched, but I’ve gone to a few blogs that have been instrumental in my parenting journey when they’ve given me sound advice, not as a professional therapist, but as someone who has experience with mommy battles.

4. Improves your expertise

When you’ve started your blog, you have an amazing opportunity to make a difference with your readers while improving your knowledge and expertise.

It could be a mom struggling with parenting, someone looking for relationship advice, or someone who wants to start their very own business. 

If you have expertise or experience in a certain area, starting a blog about it is one way to get your voice out there.

The more you research, write and post your content, the better you will get at it, and you’ll eventually be recognized as an expert in your field. 

Now that doesn’t mean you can write about any and everything. You will still need to choose a topic in a profitable niche

Not everyone will be interested in learning about a ferret clothing line.  Yes. I went there.????

Before you choose your niche, think about whether or not it’s a topic that you can write about for a long time or something that people are actually searching for.

If you choose something you love and you’re really passionate about it, but it only gets 10 average monthly searches in Google, that’s a niche that’s not going to work.

If you want to learn more about choosing a profitable niche, this post goes through everything.

From choosing a niche that works for you, along with examples of the most profitable blog niches, it’s a great place to start.

This way you can center your content around topics that people want help with, while providing value and transforming your business at the same time.

5. Become part of a community

Once you start blogging and you’ve created an online presence, you will no doubt start meeting new people; some of them from different parts of the world. 

You will be able to connect with like-minded folks who are in your niche, network with them, start business ventures, and even create friendships.

A few ways to do this include joining Facebook groups, joining Tailwind Tribes, making comments on other bloggers’ posts, or just reaching out to them for tips and tricks.

This can help make your blogging journey much easier because you can connect and learn from Pro-bloggers who can guide you.

Some of these bloggers with large followings may even promote your blog and products on their social media, thereby bringing you added traffic which is great for your business.

I recommend connecting with bloggers in your niche once you start blogging in order to get support and network.


6. You can work anywhere

As soon as I started working online at home, and in my pajamas, I was the happiest I’d ever been.

I love the fact that I can work whenever I want, and on my own time. 

If this is something that you dream about (who doesn’t right) then blogging is one of the best ways to achieve this.

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With blogging, you have complete control over your own business and you can set your own schedule and make money passively.

This means that you can travel whenever you want, you never have to commute to a soul-sucking job, and you can live your life more intentionally.

When you don’t have to get up, rush to make breakfast, and dash to the door every day, that’s a great feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging has its fair share of work and it can get tedious, but it’s well worth it to start a blog so you can work from home, or work even while you travel.

If you’re a mom with kids and they have been longing to go on a fantastic vacation to Disney, when you have a blog that makes money, it’s very possible to drop everything and go. 

With a regular 9-5, that’s definitely not going to happen

A blog will give you the freedom to enjoy your life more because simply, you’re your own boss.

7. Improves your writing

Blogging takes lots of writing. Yep. This is one of the main things you’ll be doing when you’ve started your blog.

By doing this consistently, there’s no doubt you’ll be improving your writing chops along the way.

Your writing doesn’t have to be epic in order to blog, but you do need to write so that your readers understand, and avoid a ton of grammatical errors. Adding in a dash of your personality doesn’t hurt either. 

Writing is an art and a skill that you can improve upon for your own benefit and those of your readers. 

Blogging will regularly improve your writing skills depending on the type of blogging schedule you decide to use.

The more your write, the better you’ll get.

Your readers will notice and it can help your business if they share your posts and help them to go viral. 

It can also benefit your business by boosting your confidence and you can create products and services like ebooks, courses, and workbooks that incorporate your writing style.

In this way, you’ll be improving your skills while building a profitable business.

Be sure to use a grammar tool to help edit your posts. I use Grammarly to proofread all of my posts.

You can sign up with them for free.

8. Making money

 This for sure is a fantastic incentive for starting a blog and one of the main reasons to start a blog.

And no, I’m not saying it should be the only reason, but if we’re being real here, it is a necessity to make money when you’re blogging.

That’s because it is an investment of time, money, and work, and you deserve to be rewarded for it.

Not only will you get paid and work on your own schedule, but you can travel when you want, get to sleep when you choose, and you never have to hear the daunting words from a boss asking why you were late.

You have complete freedom to start and manage your own business on your terms.

Speaking of making money from your blog, do you wanna know the best ways you can do this?

Here are a few:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ads
  • Online courses
  • Digital products
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Coaching
  • Memberships programs

Most bloggers would love to start out by making money from digital products, but it takes a lot of trial and error.

Because of that, some bloggers skip that option and do something else.

If selling your own products seems scary to you but you do want to invest in it, what I recommend is working on your products behind the scenes.

Once you’ve validated it, created it, and perfected it, then you can launch it.

Just make sure it’s relevant to your niche and audience.

If you don’t wanna go this route, I would say try Affiliate Marketing.

With this option, out don’t have to create a product, but you’ll market one that you’re sure your audience would like and if they sign up or buy the product with your affiliate link, you’ll make money this way!

It sounds easy, but you have to be really strategic about promoting relevant affiliate products to your audience, marketing to them without sounding too salesy, and nudging them to take the offer.

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You can start signing up to a few affiliate companies that accept new bloggers when you start your blog and then you can sign up for others once your blog gains some momentum.

When it comes to ads, I don’t recommend new bloggers start adding ads right away.

That’s because it can turn new visitors off. Your best bet is to wait until you have a higher amount of traffic and once you reach the threshold, you can apply to a high-paying affiliate company like Mediavine.

Blogging is just another means of making a living. You have the opportunity of making as much money as you want based on how much you put into it.

You’re in charge of making your own income, and it can be a full-time business or even a side hustle.

The choice is yours.

Some people have made millions, while others have made thousands.

If you want to have financial freedom and work on your own schedule, then blogging is perfect for you!

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9. Opens opportunities

Now I’m not saying that you’re going to get famous, but by starting a blog, you now have an online presence and you’re a potential online entrepreneur

With networking, meeting new people, and building an online empire, people will come to know you as a business person.

This can create opportunities for you to work with brands and you can be featured anywhere from magazines to even getting screen time.

Brands will want to work with you based on your popularity, the type of content you write, and how much brand awareness you can bring to their business. 

Outside of the money-making aspect though, it’s a great way to make your own brand known to the world, so you can branch out into other things.

Have you ever thought of creating your own app, writing a  best-selling book, or even creating a clothing line?

These are opportunities that can come much more easily when you have a blog that has a lot of exposure.

Remember that ultimately it is you that has control over your blog.

It’s up to you to transform it into a brand and choose the types of projects that work for you.

Why not start now?

10. Blogging is fun

Hey, I left this one for last, and it can be a form of motivation for you. I don’t want you to think of blogging as just work or something you do just to make money.

Blogging can be fun. 

You are your own boss and you can blog your way. This isn’t the old job that you hated (I’m just speaking for me here lol). This is your own baby and you can make it fun for yourself!

Blogging is something you can look forward to every day and get excited about it.

You can write your own content, learn something new from it, get awesome comments from your readers, network with cool people, and grow your own online business without anyone telling you what to do.

With a blog, you can work while you’re at the gym when you’re on a vacation with friends while watching TV, or hanging with the family.

You are free to be who you are with your audience, rather than a stuffy character in the office.

If you want to be humorous, then so be it. Want to add a little bit of controversy in your posts? You’re free to do that too.

Blogging is all about freedom.

Freedom to work as you want, travel when you want, spend time with the people you love, make passive income, and just simply to have fun.

Blogging is a business at the end of the day and it’s up to you to nurture it, capitalize on it, and lead it to a path that works for you.

So if you ever wanted to know why you should start a blog, the reasons I have listed, while all different, come together to show you that it’s about living life intentionally.

Start a blog as a hobby, turn it into a profitable business, or just share to help others. It’s your choice and you’re free to do it all.

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