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7 reasons why the Tasty Pins plugin is the ultimate Pinterest tool for bloggers

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As a blogger, you may be on the hunt for the best blogging tools to make your life just a little bit easier.

I mean why not right?

The Tasty Pins plugin is definitely a great Pinterest tool that every blogger should be using.

That’s if you want to drive traffic – especially with Pinterest. 

Using this plugin has allowed me to optimize my blog posts and turn my Pinterest game up several notches, which I’m sure is something you’d like to do too!

Because Pinterest is constantly changing, which can be a major headache for most content creators and bloggers, it’s best to stay up to date with the latest trends of the platform. 

With Tasty Pins, you can boost your Pinterest game and manage what truly matters.

And that’s what I’ll be explaining in this post today.

So if you want to learn more about this handy Pinterest tool keep on reading!

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Why choose the Tasty Pins plugin

What is Tasty Pins?

The Tasty Pins plugin is a part of the WP Tasty family which was created for food bloggers but has been transformed to include bloggers of any niche.

It was developed by the creator of the popular food blog, Pinch of Yum who wanted to improve Google SEO which resulted in the formation of this awesome WordPress plugin

 I like Tasty Pins as a Pinterest Tool because it offers functional features such as improving both your SEO and keywords for Pinterest.

If you know anything about Pinterest, you’ll know these things reeeeally matter.

Anyway, Enough of my chatter, let’s get into the best features of this plugin and why you should be using Tasty Pins for your blog!

Set Pinterest Descriptions

Tasty Pins allows you to add Pinterest Descriptions when you add a new Pin image.

This can be done whenever you add a Pin image to your blog post or in the WordPress media library.

It’s super important to add a Pinterest Description, because it will help people know what your pin is all about, plus, you can add relevant keywords which will allow your pins to be found much easier.

That’s what every content creator wants right?

Here, you can see that you can easily add a Pin description, with keywords integrated so you’ll be picked up in searches on Pinterest.

Pinterest Description

These keywords won’t just be any old keywords either. They need to be Pinterest-specific keywords.

So whatever keywords are trending on Pinterest related to your Pin, you need to add them to your Pin Description. 

Tasty Pins makes this so easy because once you add that Pin image to your post, you simply add the descriptions and that’s it.

Whenever someone is pinning that pin to their own boards, the description is added.

Awesome huh? 

Disable Pinning of certain images

Another feature I love about Tasty Pins and what makes it a great Pinterest tool is that you can disable images you don’t want to be pinned to Pinterest.

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Pinterest has made it clear that they want images of an optimal size on their platform.

The recommended pin size is 1000 px wide by 1500 px tall. 

When we add images to our blog, chances are, most of them are horizontal images and are definitely not the size that Pinterest recommends.

If you have several horizontal images in your blog posts, you can use Tasty Pins’ ‘Disable Pinning’ option for each image listed. 

You simply select the checkbox to disable pinning. It’s pretty easy!

Tasty Pins disable images

This way, your readers won’t see the Hover image and won’t be able to pin that image.

The only downside is, that at this time, it won’t work on images on your sidebar or header area. 

Because it does allow you to disable any image you don’t want pinned, that’s reason enough to love this handy feature!

Optimize Alt Text

One big mistake some bloggers make is adding their Pinterest description to their Alt text.

That’s definitely NOT supposed to happen.

Essentially, the Alt text is for people who are sight-impaired or those with accessibility issues who won’t be able to see the images on your blog properly. 

In essence, the Alt text is a description of the image.

You can add relevant keywords as well for SEO, but the main purpose is for knowing what the image actually is. 

Tasty Pins Alt text

So, if you have an image with people swimming in a lake, it could read, ‘people swimming in lake’.

Tasty Pins allows you to add both a Pinterest description and an ALT text which works for both Pinterest SEO and Google SEO. 

For me, this is one of the very best features of Tasty Pins because you don’t get confused about what to add for your Alt text.

Add Pinterest Hover button

You may have noticed a cute Pin-it button at the top of certain images you hover on.

This allows your readers to easily (and conveniently) add your pin to any of their boards or to group boards. 

Tasty Pins Hover button

Tasty Pins allows you to choose button shapes and colors based on your preference.

You can even choose to add the hover button on the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and even in the center. 

Another fun feature is that you can add a custom phrase on your hover button to set it apart from the thousands of other Pin-it images out there. 

Tasty Pins Hover button customization

Adding a hover button gives you a better chance of readers sharing your pins on Pinterest.

This can increase your engagement on Pinterest when the platform notices that more people are sharing your pins.

You’ll notice that based on Pinterest’s algorithm, they take more notice of Pins that get more shares and will show them a bit more in the feed which is a great bonus for you!


Get more shares with the Pinterest Repin ID feature

The pin ID feature is another reason why Tasty Pin is an awesome Pinterest tool.

The Pin ID is really effective after your pins have been saved and repinned a number of times on Pinterest.

  Repins and re-saves show Pinterest that your pin is popular with the masses and they will promote it more in the feed. 

To benefit from this, you can add pins that do well to the Tasty Pins interface. 

To use this feature you will copy the numeric code at the end of your Pin image URL and then paste this code in the Pin ID area. 

Tasty Pins Repin feature

Give this feature a try once your pins start getting a lot of engagement and you just might see your traffic spike and grow!

Force pinning of images

This is another feature that I really love because it allows your readers to share specific pins to Pinterest when they’re sharing.

These could be top-performing pins or new pins that you’ve added and want to be shared.

It’s also convenient if you don’t want to add Pin images within your post, but you want them pinned by your readers anyway.

In order to do this, you’ll simply head to the bottom of your blog post and in the Tasty Pins box, you will select the ‘Force Pinning of hidden images’ option.

Tasty Pins Force hidden images

 Tasty Pins allows you to add images first, and then select ‘Force Pinning’ of images.

When readers select the Pin share button at the end of your post, these Pin images will show up and readers can then share them to Pinterest.

Set default descriptions

This little feature saves me A LOT of time when I’m adding Pinterest descriptions.

How it works is that you write a keyword-rich Pinterest Description into the box which you can then use for any pin you’ve added that doesn’t have a Pinterest description set.

Tasty Pins default description

So if you want to save time or you want to add the same description to all your pin images, you fill out this default option and voila, it’s all done!

If you do have any pins that you want to add a separate description to, you’ll simply select that pin in the WordPress media library and add a separate description.

Is Tasty Pins a good Pinterest tool?

I’m really not being biased here but yes, I think it’s a great Pinterest tool. Here are a few reasons why.

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This plugin is pretty lightweight and will not bog down your website like a few others do.

I’ve been using it for some time now and its performance has been excellent so far.  It even saves your hidden pins as thumbnails to ensure your web page speed is fast.

When the hidden pins are shared, however, they will be shared in the regular size.

It’s important to know that every plugin will have an impact on your blog and it’s best to be aware of this.

I must say though that I’m very pleased with its overall performance and I haven’t seen any noticeable difference in my website speed. 

Reasonable Price

Tasty Pins is only $29 per year and you can keep using it even if you decide you no longer want to pay the annual fee.

The only things you’ll miss out on are updates and support from the Tasty Pins team.

If you did pay for it and you’re no longer happy, they have a 15-day return policy, so keep that in mind as well.

 Simple to use

The plugin is very simple to set up and start using. You simply download the plugin, get to adding your Pinterest images and try out the awesome features! 

Before this plugin, bloggers would have to use coding and HTML in order to add the pin images with descriptions to EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST.

Believe it or not, this can get pretty annoying. Not to mention if you’re a beginner who knows nothing about coding.

I’ve heard horror stories of people adding just the wrong code and messing everything up.

Give Tasty Pins a try for yourself and see how great it is for your Pinterest journey.

Optimize for Pinterest and Google

I would say this is one of the BEST features of the Tasty Pins Plugin.

The fact that you can add Pinterest descriptions and add your Alt text separately, which Google looks for, I’d say that’s a definite plus.

This gives you a greater chance of ranking on both Pinterest and Google, which is the best of both worlds.

You can make the most of your Pinterest descriptions by adding keyword-rich descriptions to find the right target audience on Pinterest.

Is Tasty Pins for you?

The Tasty Pins plugin is for you if you really want an easy way to add pin images and optimize them for Pinterest.

With a price point of $29, it really is a good investment. 

If you want to grow on Pinterest while improving on your SEO for Google, then Tasty Pins will help get you on the right track.

 Check it out today if you’re ready to take the plunge.

You won’t regret it, trust me. 

If you liked this post, please PIN it for later!❤️️????

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