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10 Convenient Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money!

Jobs for 10 year olds to make money

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Looking for ways to help your 10-year-old be productive and earn extra money?

 There are plenty of jobs that they can take up to learn new skills and even get a bit of experience.

The best part is that they can now start helping with the bills!

I’m kidding.

But in all seriousness, I’m here to show you some of the best jobs for 10 year olds to make money.

This can help your kids financially and teach them responsibility at an early age too.

It can enable them to learn the value of hard work and how to manage their time effectively.

We’ll look at jobs that any 10 year old can manage on their own and gain a little financial independence from mom and dad.

If you’re still interested, let’s discover the best jobs for 10 year olds to make money on their own! (sort of)


boy vacuuming

1. Lemonade Stand

Who doesn’t remember the fun of selling from a  lemonade stand in those hot summer months?

Your kids can benefit from this good old-fashioned side hustle with a little cash on the side.

Lemonade stands are literally the classic way for kids to make money while they’re off school.

 Not only do they get to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, but they also learn valuable skills such as budgeting, marketing, and customer service.

 If you have a 10-year-old who is interested in starting their own lemonade stand, there are a few things you can do to help them get started.

The first step is to find a good location.

 Choose a spot with plenty of foot traffic, such as a busy street corner or a park. Make sure to check with local authorities to see if you need a permit to set up your stand. 

Once you have your location, you can start planning your menu. 

Instead of offering the same traditional taste only, try offering different flavors of lemonade, as well as snacks such as cookies or brownies. 

Your kids may really come to enjoy it once the money starts rolling in!

2. Babysitting for Family

girl doing chores

Babysitting isn’t suited for everyone, but if your child has a sweet disposition and a responsible nature, they could definitely babysit for the family.

 It not only teaches them independence but also helps them develop some necessary social skills. 

Babysitting for family can be a fun experience for both the babysitter and the children being cared for.

To start, 10-year-olds can offer to babysit for younger siblings, cousins, or family friends. 

They can begin by asking their parents or other family members if they know anyone who needs a babysitter. 

Once they have found someone in need, they should discuss the details of the job with the parents, such as the hours, pay, and any special instructions. 

Your child will need to be reliable and punctual and to follow the parents’ rules regarding the care of the children. 

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The babysitter should also be prepared to engage with the children, playing games, reading books, or helping with homework. 

3. Pet Sitting

Let’s be honest, most kids love pets.

Why not have your kids take care of some lovable furries for some well-earned cash?

Pet sitting is one of the jobs for 10 year-olds to make some extra money while doing something they love. 

Taking care of someone else’s pet can be a fun and rewarding experience. 

It can also be a great opportunity to learn responsibility and develop valuable skills that will be useful in the future.

To start pet-sitting, you can help your children by advertising pet-sitting services to friends and family members who have pets. 

Kids should have a clear understanding of the pet’s needs and schedule before they agree to take on the job.

 Children may need to feed the pet, take them for walks, and clean up after them.

 It’s also important to be aware of any medications the pet may need to take, and to have a plan in place in case of any emergencies. 

4. Yard Work

If you have a 10-year-old looking to make some money quickly, doing yard work can be a great option. 

Many homeowners are willing to pay for help with tasks such as mowing the lawn, weeding, and raking leaves.

 By providing these services, your kids can earn some extra cash but also learn how to clean up the yard for a change.

Start them on this fun adventure by helping them with colorful flyers advertising their service.

This can list the actual chores they’ll do such as:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Raking Leaves
  • Picking Up Debris
  • Spreading Mulch
  • Sweeping
  • Organizing Outdoor Items

Make sure your kids charge a fair price for work and communicate clearly with our clients about what tasks they’ll be completing. 

5. Tutoring

Does your 10 year old like talking or teaching others new stuff?

A tutoring gig could also be another job he or she could start.

To help your child make the right decision in tutoring, let them choose an area of expertise where the 10-year-old can best assist others.

 This can be anything from math to science, English, or even a musical instrument.

 They should also determine the age range they would like to tutor and their level of expertise. It’s worth considering the local demand for tutoring services in their area to ensure they have a steady stream of clients.

Once the 10-year-old has identified their areas of expertise, they can start promoting their services. 

They can begin by advertising on community notice boards, social media, or even through word of mouth.

Ensure they are professional in their approach, arrive on time, and come prepared with the necessary materials for the lesson. 

6. Gardening

This can be a really relaxing activity especially when you do it as hobby.

Your children can earn money doing it as a job year-round (almost)

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Not only can they learn about plants and how to care for them, but they can also enjoy spending time outdoors and getting some exercise.

One option is to offer their services as a lawn mower or grass cutter.

 They can advertise their services in their neighborhood by putting up flyers or knocking on doors. 

They can charge a reasonable fee based on the size of the lawn or the amount of time it takes to complete the job. 

Your children can do additional things like watering plants, planting seeds, and even low-scale landscaping to make a more comprehensive service package. 

Another option is to start a small vegetable garden and sell the produce at a local farmers’ market or to their neighbors.

 This can be a great way for them to learn about sustainable living and healthy eating, while also earning some extra money.

 They can grow a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce, and then sell them for a fair price. 

7. Craft Sales

circut crafts on table

Making crafts is one of my favorite things to do with my son.

He loves it so much especially when we play with the crafts together!

If your 10 year old loves crafts too, he might as well make and sell them for profit.

Selling crafts can be an excellent thing for a creative mind. 

There are many different types of crafts you can make and sell, such as jewelry, keychains, bookmarks, and paintings.

 The first step to  making quality crafts is to decide what type of craft your kids enjoy making and what materials are needed.

 You can start by using supplies you already have at home, such as beads, string, and paint. If you need to purchase additional materials, you can help your children with money, or they can use cash from their savings.

These crafts can be sold at the local craft fair or farmer’s market. 

Another convenient way is through online platforms like Etsy or eBay. 

Make sure the crafts are priced appropriately by considering the cost of materials and the amount of time it takes you to make each item. 

8. Run Errands

Running errands is one of the quintessential ways that kids learn hard work.

One of the major benefits of this – for them – is earning money from it.

At 10 years old, children are at an age where they can start to understand the value of money and learn important life skills such as responsibility and independence.

Some examples of errands that 10-year-olds can do include:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Fetching the mail
  • Walking the dog
  • Dropping off packages
  • Returning library books
  • Buying stamps
  • Picking up dry cleaning
  • Getting small items from a convenience store

They can also offer to do tasks such as running errands for elderly neighbors, delivering flyers for local businesses, or even helping with small projects like organizing a closet or garage. 

It’s important for you to supervise your children’s activities and ensure that they are safe and appropriate. 

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You can also help your child negotiate payment for their services and teach them how to manage their earnings by saving some and budgeting for things they want to buy. 

9. Sell Plants

Selling plants can be a fun way for a 10-year-old to make some extra money. 

Who knows?

It can probably help them to develop a love for nature and the environment. 

But, before diving into the plant-selling business, it’s important to understand the basics of plant care and selling strategies.

First thing, they must choose the right plants to sell.

 It’s better to start with plants that are easy to care for and can thrive in various environments.

 Some great options include succulents, herbs, and small potted flowers.

Doing research on the plants beforehand to learn about their sunlight and water requirements is a good idea. 

Once the plants are chosen, it’s time to start cultivating them. This can be done by planting seeds or buying already established plants from a nursery. 

Your kids can try various ways to sell these plants as well.

 One option is to set up a small stand in a high-traffic area like a park or farmers market. Creating eye-catching signs and displaying the plants in an attractive way can help attract customers. 

Another option is to use online platforms like Amazon or Etsy to get their wares sold.

10. Helping Seniors with Tech

Some seniors aren’t that savvy with technology and who can blame them?

They are often left struggling to keep up with the latest gadgets and devices. Let’s be honest here, these gadgets change quickly!

Many feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the complexity of technology and this leads to frustration.

That’s where tech-savvy 10-year-olds come in, offering assistance and support to seniors in need.

There are a variety of jobs that a 10-year-old can do to help seniors with technology.

For example, they can offer basic computer and smartphone lessons, help seniors set up and navigate social media accounts, or troubleshoot technical issues.

They can also help with tasks such as setting up new devices, downloading apps, or organizing files.

These jobs not only provide a valuable service to seniors, but also allow young people to hone their technological skills and earn some extra money in the process.

Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money!

There are plenty of jobs that 10-year-olds can do to earn some extra money.

From pet-sitting to yard work to lemonade stands, there are a variety of options that can fit a child’s interests and abilities.

You should make sure that any job is age-appropriate and safe, with adult supervision if necessary.

Encouraging children to work can teach them important skills like responsibility, financial management, and the value of hard work. With a little creativity and effort, 10 year olds can earn money while learning valuable life lessons.


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